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This Thanksgiving, Care for the Earth. 

Respect and stewardship for land, water, and all living things is a deeply held part of Native American ethics. Their land management techniques allowed the land we now live on to be fertile and bountiful. Environmental ethics are life-supporting ethics. Even the Pope acknowledges our problematic “throwaway culture” and calls for greater action on climate change.

a. Turn Black Friday into Buy Nothing Day. Make quality time to practice self-care and care for others in lieu of shopping madness during your holiday.

b. Avoid the stocking stuffers that are likely made in sweatshops with far too much plastic involved.

c. Shop at small businesses that provide good jobs and living wages for their employees.

d. Use the Buycott app to support products and causes you believe in – and to steer clear of those that aren’t in line with your values

e. Push for political action on climate change. Check out 350.org’s campaigns, for starters.


  • Following a Nov. 1 interfaith rally on Capitol Hill urging Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act* before year’s end, 15 participants, 11 of them clergy, were arrested for singing, praying and protesting in the rotunda of the Russell Senate. “Our broken immigration system is doing irreparable harm to the fabric and soul of our nation. Separating children from their parents will not make America safer but it has made it cruel,” said Caroline Theiss-Aird, past moderator of Pilgrim United of Church of Christ in Carlsbad, CA.

    *A ‘clean’ Dream Act means no added enforcement or added detention centers that separate families. 


  • The  clock is ticking and if Congress doesn’t pass legislation by Dec. 8, scores of undocumented young people could be sent back to unfamiliar home countries. Action in 2018 will be too late.
    “The faith community has been fighting for the Dream Act alongside undocumented youth for years,” said the Rev. Noel Andersen, coordinator of the UCC Collaborative on Immigration,  “We have come to a place where we must escalate our action — which is why we gave  calling on decision makers to pass a Dream Act now!”
 ****Please join us on SundayNovember 19as we welcome Avril Moreno, a Wisconsin Dreamer, as she shares her story during our worship service.****

What is Dane Sanctuary Coalition?

 Dane Sanctuary organizes congregations and organizations to provide physical sanctuary to our immigrant friends and neighbors who are at risk for deportation. It part of the national New Sanctuary Movement.

The Dane Sanctuary Coalition has been created in response to immoral immigration policies that threaten families, instill fear in our communities, and violate the most basic ethical standards all our faith traditions teach – that we are all created in the image of God, endowed with inherent worth and dignity, and deserving of a life free of violence and deprivation.

Thirty-six times, the Bible commands us to love the stranger in our midst. But these are not strangers among us. They are our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers. They sit beside us in class. They own businesses in our neighborhoods. They are part of the fabric of our community and we are richer for their presence among us.


  • Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests of undocumented immigrants have jumped from 9,000 per month at the end of the Obama Administration to over 13,000 today.  Once again, armed agents with state support are hunting down people simply because of their particular status.   Children are left abandoned at their school when parents suddenly “disappear.”   Others are assaulted and brutalized in the dehumanizing process leading to their deportation.  The White House has announced the termination of DACA, meaning thousands of “dreamers” will now confront a fresh nightmare.
  • Check out  WI State Legislature (Assembly Bill)AB 190.
  • Wisconsin’s $43 billion dairy industry could hardly function without 16,000+ immigrant workers, mostly from Mexico and Central America, the vast majority of which are also undocumented.  Many other immigrants from Europe, Canada, Africa, the Caribbean, and elsewhere can be found working across rural and urban WI in the tourism, agroprocessing, manufacturing, construction, restaurant, and healthcare sectors.
  • Can you imagine where Wisconsin would be today if similar movements led by the KKK a hundred years ago targeting Scandinavian, German, Polish, Italian and Irish immigrants had been successful?  How impoverished would WI be today?  Would we even have any agriculture without immigrants?


Our Faith in Action Team believes in the work of Moses, as it continues to work for social justice in Dane County. 

  • MOSES (Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality and Solidarity) is a non-partisan interfaith organization that takes action  to promote social justice . The current focus is on ending mass incarceration.  Tax-deductible donations in any amount are welcome. Five dollars or more by November 2 will place your name on the “Friends” page of the yearly magazine. Go to:www.mosesmadison.org. Or mail checks to MOSES, PO box 7031, Madison, WI 53707. Questions? Contact Ralph Jackson.
  •  Interested in sharing your support and compassion for immigrants being held in Wisconsin detention centers? There is no commitment, just offering opportunity to join us as we prepare to go through a very short training. We need 2 more persons. Our goal is to visit a center sometime in January.   Contact: dennismary50@me.com or Marie Jackson

Immigration Updates

  • October 5th was the last day that 154,000 DACA recipients could renew their status. Unfortunately, because of the short window they were given after the termination of DACA was announced on September 5, close to 40,000 DACA recipients did not renew.  This means that 40,000 Dreamers will lose their DACA status and become undocumented and subject to immediate deportation unless Congress passes the Dream Act. 



Once again this year UCC congregations will join the School of Americas Watch, immigrants’ rights groups and interfaith partners to demand justice to address root causes of migration, justice at the border and justice for immigrants. If interested there is a special UCC pre-Convergence immersion experience on Nov. 8/9 and then the possibility to stay for the SOA Watch Border Convergence November 10-12. Can’t go? Send a cross to be placed at the border. 

Check UCC website for more information.


There are a number of public policies for reducing gun violence. Which of the ideas from the list below most connect to you? To your community?

  • universal background checks

  • handgun-purchaser licensing

  • insurance requirements for all gun owners

  • strengthening safe storage laws

  • repealing Stand Your Ground laws

  • addressing issues of mental illness and social isolation

  • reducing suicide 


On Halloween Give Treats of Fair-Trade Chocolate

 For children in cocoa-growing countries in Africa, chocolate often means child labor and family poverty. Equal Exchange, our partner in the UCC Fair Trade Project, participates in a fair-trade program to help end the problems of child labor, poverty, and environmental destruction in the African cocoa industry. Buy fair-trade chocolate mini-bars to give on Halloween. 


If you are interested in receiving more information about our Faith in Action group, please check the box on the pink sheet or contact Mary Dennis (dennismary50@me.com).


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