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You are invited to be a part of Saturday Fellowship, a monthly gathering of MCC members and friends to discuss issues of interest and importance as they connect to our Christian faith.

Is It Okay for a Man to Cry?

Saturday Fellowship Meets May 13

I have been a very emotional person from boyhood into manhood and find myself with tears trickling down my face with the smallest bit of stimulus. I’m not talking about the funeral of a loved one here but during a particularly beautiful movement in a piece of music, an impassioned speech/sermon or a runner winning a foot race against all odds. Tears come to my eyes when Deb (in her work as a music therapist) tells me about a child with Autism responding to a piece of music in a way that his teachers find astonishing.
I have only achieved modest success in controlling my emotions and mostly see them as a blessing and not the curse they used to be. I still feel embarrassment when I fail to control them but I don’t care much about what other people think anymore.
The attached article chronicles the way history has treated men who cry and I’m interested in how you as men and women deal with your emotions. Do you feel like you can express your emotions without restraint/judgement or do you consciously restrain them?
I look forward to seeing everyone on13. I’ll bring the Kleenex:-).
-Jim Neuman



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