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Experience Good Friday Like Never Before !

(Watch the Good Friday Experience 2014 video HERE on YouTube!)

What is Good Friday?  Not an ironic, misunderstood misnomer, but the start of something good from something tragic.  If you have wondered about the meaning of Good Friday, Middleton Community United Church of Christ (MCC) offers an amazing, self-guided experience that will not only enlighten you on the meaning of the day, but also imbue you with a deep sense of connection with Jesus and the season.

Jim Neuman, a Town of Middleton resident and member of MCC, grew up Roman Catholic.  His parents made him sit through long Good Friday worship services.   Jim says, “That practice as a youth instilled in me a deep respect for this holy day, but I longed for a better way to connect and experience this deep moment in a more personal and practical way.”

Enter the “Good Friday Experience” at MCC — a series of displays that depict the various episodes in Jesus’ last day.  Mr. Neuman describes it this way: “The mood is solemn, but the interaction with the displays at consecutive tables informs and enlightens.  You are reminded of Jesus’ betrayal by the intermittent crowing of a rooster.  The displays detail the life, foods, and politics at the time of Christ’s crucifixion.   And you are encouraged to take a keepsake home with you to remind you of the great life and love-affirming gift that our Lord gave the world that day.”

Others who have come agree and praise the exhibit:

Pat Kerr said, “What a great way to observe Good Friday!  I really feel like I was there, the music, art, and setting were perfect.  Just wow!”

“Thanks for making this happen. This made it all become real for me.  I loved how I could enjoy it at my own pace.  Some friends went during their lunch break, while I came in after work and took my time absorbing the moment.  That flexibility stood out for me,” explained Randall Crow.

“Despite the sadness of the day’s events, this has helped me to see the “good” in “Good Friday.  I’ll be sure to come back again next year!” stated Barb Falk.

The Good Friday Experience will be available to the public from noon to 9:00 pm on Friday, April 18, at Middleton Community United Church of Christ, 645 Schewe Road (2 miles west of the Beltline along Old Sauk Road).   For more information, contact the church office at 831-4694.

About Middleton Community United Church of Christ: MCC has been a true community church for over 70 years.  MCC strives to “connect faith and life” in a church home where all are welcome.  MCC is a United Church of Christ church, or UCC, with members that come from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs and are at different points in their spiritual journeys, all sharing a common desire to deepen their faith and find meaning and purpose in their lives.  Middleton Community United Church of Christ is located at 645 Schewe Rd. Middleton, 2 miles south of the beltline on Old Sauk Road, near Pope Farm Park and can be found online at www.middletonucc.org.


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